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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Using a paging system for a fast casual restaurant is a better solution than yelling out names and order numbers.

    Stop Yelling & Start Paging!

    Your customers and staff will thank you once you add a Pager Genius system to your operation. Our paging systems make it easy to reach your customers when you need them.

    Pager Genius equipment works with any POS System you operate. Our pagers do not connect to the internet or phone lines, so there are zero monthly fees.

    Pager Genius has been paging people since 2008. Our pagers are built to last, and our customers love our US-based customer service. We always offer free shipping, and all our equipment is set up and ready to use out of the shipping box.

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    Free Custom Logos For Pager Genius Pagers

    All New Customers Receive Free Logos!

    Pager Genius Server Watch Paging System

    Our analog watch paging system will make a great addition to your traditional sit-down restaurant. Servers will know when the food is ready to be picked up in the kitchen.

    This system does not connect to the internet or phone lines. Want to page server one? Push the number one button, followed by the call button. Simple, easy, and reliable!

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    Watch Pager For Servers Paging System. Server are paged on their watch pager when food is ready for pick-up in the kitchen for the customer.
    Wi-Fi internet Server Paging System For Restaurants

    Customer Wi-Fi Ordering System

    Our new W-Fi Hello Bell ordering system for traditional sit-down restaurants changes how customers interact with your staff.

    Customers can request their bill, order from their cell phone, or request another round from their table. This technology improves your average bill by up to 20% a table!

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