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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Bowling Alley Using Pager System. agers For Bowing Alleys Paging Pagers

    Pagers Are Superior To Overhead Paging

    Your bowlers are distracted when your staff is on the overhead trying to find people waiting for lanes. Pager Genius will help take the chaos out of busy bowling nights.

    Here is how it works, on your busy nights, your staff holds onto ID's on the lane waiting list. When the lane is ready, the guest is paged via pager, and when they return, they present the pager for their ID back.

    Pager Genius Pagers have four times a cell phone's vibration, 19 LED lights, and optional beeping. Our pagers are superior to text-based paging for this reason.

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    Bowlers Do Not Want To Hear Overhead Paging For Food Orders

    When a customer pays for their food, they are issued a pager. When the food is ready, the customer presents the pager for their order.

    Nothing is more frustrating to a league bowler than hearing the same name being called over & over again on the overhead microphone. Staff will be able to get food orders out faster because they will limit their time on the microphone and be able to focus on the following order.

    Fast Casual To Go Restaurant Inside a bowling alley using paging system. Advantage of paging system pagers inside a bowling alley
    bowling alley serverscan be paged on their watch pager when food is ready for pick-up in the kitchen for the customer.

    Watch Pagers For Food Runners & Servers

    Pager Genius Server Pagers are a great way to let your staff know that the food from the kitchen is ready for pickup. Get hot food out to the bowlers as soon as it is prepared.

    Our systems offer up to one mile of range, zero monthly fees, and are easy to operate. Page Smart With Pager Genius!

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