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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Loading dock paging equipment. Truck drivers are issued a pager genius pager, and then paged by staff when it is there turn to load.

    Streamline Your Truck Drivers & Loading Docks With Pager Genius

    Busy warehouses across the United States use Pager Genius equipment to help notify drivers when it is their turn to back in and load up. Our paging equipment is easy to use, has zero monthly fees, and offers USA customer support.

    Here is how it works: the truck driver arrives and checks in with the staff. The staff checks the truck driver into the system and issues him a Pager Genius pager. The truck driver returns to his truck and waits for the pager to alert. When a loading dock opens up for the driver, your staff will page the pager, and the driver will come back to find out what loading dock number he is assigned to.

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    Free custom losos for pager genius pagers.

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    Pager Genius Has Been Paging People Since 2008!

    Using the Pager Genius System is simple and easy to use. For example, do you want to page pager #5? Press the number 5 on the keypad followed by the call button; it is really that simple to page someone.

    Pager Genius pagers have a vibration four times stronger than a cell phone, 19 LED lights alert, and a loud beeping sound to get the driver's attention. Our pager alerts are superior to cell phone texting for this reason.

    picture of a complete pager genius truck paging system.
    Picture of the range of a pager genius paging system.

    Over One Mile Of Pager Range!

    Pager Genius Systems can page your truck drivers up to one mile away on your property. The more obstacles between your transmitter and driver, the less range you will receive.

    Large warehouses use Pager Genius range extenders. You can use as many range extenders as needed to cover any size property. Our range extenders are plug-and-play, and no programming is required.

    Page Smart With Pager Genius!

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