Complete Pager Genius Paging System (In Stock Ready To Ship, Domestic and International)

Pager Bundles
  • America's Top Rated Paging System
  • Ready to Use - No Set-up Required
  • Does Not Connect to Internet/Phone Lines - Zero Monthly Fees
  • One Mile Line of Sight Range
  • Super Easy to Operate
  • Three Colors to Choose From
  • What's Included: Pagers, Charging Bases, and Transmitter


    The Pager Genius System will help you manage your customers’ safety, ensuring they stay a safe distance away from each other and your staff. You will be able to get in touch with your customers from up to 1/2 a mile away. This effective call button system will put customers at ease and keep your team safe in this Covid-19 environment we live in today.

    The Pager Genius System is a wireless call button system that does not connect to Wi-Fi or phone lines. Plug our equipment into a power outlet and start using it right away. The Pager Genius System has zero monthly fees and requires power. Charging takes less than one hour, and a fully charged pager stays active for up to four days.
    Our systems are super easy to operate and teach others how to use. Your Pager Genius System will be programmed and ready to use out of the shipping box. All equipment is in stock and ready to ship the same day or next! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE.


    How it Works

    To call a Pager Genius pager, type in the number you want and press the call button. There’s no training involved, and anyone can operate the system. Call guests from up to half a mile away with the long-range signal transmitter. No more time wasted tracking down lost customers who strayed from the waiting area.

    Thousands of satisfied customers across the United States love the Pager Genius Paging System. Find out how Pager Genius can improve your wait times and guest experience with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on all equipment from the date of delivery. Enjoy free shipping and zero sales tax outside the state of California.

    Our pagers can withstand demanding conditions and abuse, but we offer the industry’s best two-year warranty to protect your investment from accidents so you can buy confidently.

    Pager Genius range extenders can double your coverage area. Add as many as you need to cover the distance you require.



    • Easy to set up & operate
    • Clears waiting area of foot traffic
    • Helps protects staff & customers from Covid-19
    • Faster turnaround of services
    • Easy to use touch-sensitive keypad transmitter
    • One-Year Warranty
    • Three alert types: LED, audible & vibrate
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Stack and charge design
    • Tough, durable, waterproof & dust proof casing 
    • 1/2 mile transmitter line of sight
    • Bright digital pager number display
    • Works with any POS system
    • Easily add pagers to your system at anytime
    • Three different colors to choose from


    • Eliminates noisy overhead paging
    • Let's your customers social distance and feel at ease
    • Eliminates walkaway and lost revenues
    • Maintains a quiet and pleasant atmosphere
    • Faster turnaround of services
    • Increases productivity of staff
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Increases bottom line
    • Yelp reviews improve over time

    Return Policy

    Any product you purchase will be accepted for an exchange or refund within 30 days from the delivery date, as long as the contents are not damaged.

    If making a return, we will credit your account within five business days (from receipt of package), and it will show on your following statement depending on the issuing bank and billing cycle.

    Free Shipping and Zero Sales TaxOutside California

    30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

    1-Year Full Warranty

    Paypal No Interest Financing Available

    Page Smart With The Pager Genius System

    The top rated Pager Genius System has perfected it's patented paging technology since 2008. Our products will help your business become more efficient and productive.

    You will receive a high-end paging system at a great price point that works with your budget in mind. Our equipment is optimized to give you the tools to alert your patrons and employees when you need them

    Pager Genius offers the industry's first patented fully wireless rechargeable pager system. With our rechargeable wireless transmitters you will be able to page pagers in remote areas. Whether you are paging from a remote hostess stand or in the middle of a warehouse Pager Genius Systems will have you covered.

    Industry's First Rechargeable Wireless Transmitter(Optional)

    Where To Use

    In remote areas with no access to plug-in power supply available

    Long Battery Life

    Once fully charged the Pager Genius transmitter and pagers can operate up to 36 hours before needing to be recharged.

    Fully Contained System

    The Pager Genius System does not need wifi, phone lines, or cell service to operate.

    Quick Recharge

    Pager Genius products fully recharge in less than 60 minutes time.

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    P-2000 Pager

    • Number Display
      Digital LED Display
    • Battery Type
    • Alert Types
    • Charge Time
      60 Minutes
    • Outside Pager Shell Material
    • Width | Length | Height
      4 in (101.6 mm) | 4 in (101.6 mm) | 0.75 in (19 mm)
    • Weight
      2.88 oz (82 grams)

    T-9050 Transmitter

    • Range
      1/2 Mile (805 Meters)
    • Power Voltage Input
      110V to 240V 50Hz or 60Hz | Compatible Worldwide
    • Signal Type
    • Signal Frequency
      315 MHZ
    • Keypad
      Touch Sensitive
    • Signal Accuracy
    • Number Display
    • Pager Capacity
      Will Work With 1,000 Pagers
    • Antenna Size
      6 in | 152mm
    • Input Beeping
    • Width | Length | Height
      8.125 in (206 mm) | 5.25 in (133 mm) | 0.75 in (19 mm)
    • Weight
      1.3 lbs (539 grams)