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    Is it safe to order?
    How fast will my order ship?
    Do you offer overnight shipping
    How soon can I use the paging system after i received it
    Do I need to pay sales tax on my order
    Do you rent your pagers?
    What is the frequency of the paging system?
    What kind of warranty is included?
    Is everything included?
    How many plugs or power outlets do I need?
    I just want the pagers to vibrate and light up?
    Will we need to program or setup the system when it arrives?
    Can the pagers all go off at one time?
    How much do extra pagers cost?
    Can we order a large set of pagers?
    What is the range of the paging system
    Can we turn the pager off at the transmitter after paging it?
    How does it work?
    I am looking to cover a large area, do you offer signals repeaters to expect the range?
    Can we use two, three or even four transmitters to page the same group of pagers?
    Can we use two paging systems in the same environment? will they interfere with each other