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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Busy supermart usin restaurant pagers to page customers at the meat counter, coffee shop, and pharmacy.

    Pagers Allow Your Customers To Shop While They Wait For Service

    Pager Genius pagers work great in a supermarket setting. Supermarkets use pagers at meat counters, pharmacies, and bakeries. Customers place an order and then can shop around the store with the pager. When the pager alerts, the customer knows the order is ready for pick-up.

    The Pager Genius System does not connect to the internet or any phone lines, so there are zero monthly fees. Paging pager #7 is as easy as pressing the five button, followed by the call button; it is really that easy to page someone.

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    Pager Genius offers free stickers for their pagers.

    Free Custom Logos For All New Customers!

    Page Smrt With Pager Genius!

    Pager Genius has been helping supermarkets page people since 2008. We offer USA-based customer support and free shipping on every order. We also make custom vinyl waterproof logos with your company's logo front and center.

    When a Pager Genius Systems alerts, its vibration is four times stronger than a cell phone, 19 LED lights go off, and an optional beeping sound can also alert. This alert is superior to a text message on a cell phone because you cannot control the alert method on the user's phone.

    A complete page genius system that will help grocery stores page customers with restaurant pagers.
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