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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Pager Genius pagers are used to page parents in church service when they are needed in the nursery.

    Page Parents In Service With Pager Genius

    Parents drop off their children at the nursery before service starts. Then, the staff will pick up a random pager, look at the pager number, and write down the pager number next to the child's name.

    If an issue arises with the child, the staff will go to the Pager Genius transmitter, press the number next to the child's name, and press the call button. The Pager Genius System is that easy to operate!

    Pager Genius has been used in churches the same way since 2008. Our equipment does not connect to the internet or phone lines, so there are zero monthly fees.

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    One Mile Of Range!

    Pager Genius equipment has a one-mile line of sight range. The more obstacles you put in front of it, the less the coverage it provides. Some of our larger churches use our range extenders to cover large areas. You can use as many range extenders as needed to cover any area of any size.

    Once Pager Genius pagers are fully charged, they can operate for up to 60 hours off their charging bases. Your staff will not have to worry about the pagers dying on busy service days.

    Picture showing the range on pager genius paging systems
    A Young family attending church service with young child. paging systems improve attendance in young married couples.

    Paging Genius Helps Improve Attendance For Service

    Families worry about leaving their young children with other people. Their instincts are to be close to the child. A paging system comforts parents, knowing they can be contacted immediately if something is needed.

    Our pagers light up with 19 flashing LEDs and vibrate about four times as hard as your cell phone when paged. Our pagers do not disrupt the service when activated.

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