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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius

    Pager Genius Will Take Your Church Nursery To The Next Level!

    Give your nursery and daycare attendants a direct line to parents, allowing them to keep their attention focused on the children and eliminating the need to disrupt class or service. Pagers are set to discreetly blink and vibrate without beeping, so parents can be called to the childcare area without causing interruption.

    Sending a staff member to search for a parent reduces the attention being paid to each child. Church childcare is often full, and it can be difficult to spare a staff member long enough to find a parent. Allow your staff to keep their full attention on the children while they wait for parents to arrive.

    Reduce accidents and interruptions and maintain an attentive atmosphere throughout your church with the Pager Genius System. We’re so confident this system will work for you, we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on top of our standard two-year no-risk warranty.

    • Easy to operate and use * plug & play
    • Pagers do not interrupt service  
    • Zero monthly fees
    • Improves attendance in young couples
    • Great range for large churches
    • Two- year full warranty 
    Page Genius Pagers System - Hassle Free Setup on All Pagers

    Customer Paging System
    Experience the #1 pager system in America and instantly see faster table turnover and improved customer experience. Choose from red, green, or blue pagers to compliment your resort's atmosphere. Our systems include an industry-best two-year full warranty. The Pager Genius System does not connect to the internet or phone lines, so there are zero monthly fees. Pager smart with a Pager Genius System.

    Server Paging System
    Eliminate customer neglect and frustration by giving guests the ability to quickly and discreetly call their server without leaving their table. With the push of a button, a signal is sent to the server’s wristband, letting them know that their table needs a refill, a check, or service. The Pager Genius system gives your servers a simple way to remain available to each table throughout their visit. Improves yelp reviews, helps turn tables faster, and used at beach-side and pool-side resorts.

    Range Extenders
    Cover as much area as you need with Pager Genius Range Extenders. Simply plug the extender into a power outlet within your existing range, and it will repeat the transmitter’s signal from its location. Our Range Extenders don’t require internet or phone line access, so you can place them virtually anywhere. Use as many as you need to repeat your transmitter’s signal across your entire property or even further!

    Charging Bases and Power Supplies
    Keep charging docks at convenient pager-return locations to encourage regular charging of each pager. Pager power lasts up to four days after only an hour on the charging base and each base can support 15 pagers at once, so you never experience paging system downtime.

    Replace your current transmitter with the newest model, use multiple transmitters to page the same group of pagers, or install various pager systems, each with its own unique signal. Customize your paging system for optimized convenience, harmony, and efficiency throughout your resort. This transmitter is our newest model, T-9050, and features improved accuracy and range. The T-9050 features the industry's first touch-sensitive keypad on the market. .

    Paging Industry's Best 2 Year Accidental Warranty


    We offer the best warranty in the industry

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    Pager Genius is based in Southern California. Our team of professionals has designed and engineered an affordable, high-quality instant paging system with various applications based on the demand of industries like yours. Our hope is to help you integrate those systems into your business for improved efficiency and guest experience. We provide everything you need for a fully-functional paging system, and all equipment comes ready to use.