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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius
    Country Club pool area using restaurant pagers to page people when their food order is ready for pick-up.

    Page Your Members Around The Pool When Their Order is Ready

    Here it works: your member will order at the restaurant front counter. The employee will grab a random pager, look at its digital number, and type that pager number into the POS system. Want to page pager #5? Press the #5 button followed by the enter button; it's that easy to operate a Pager Genius System.

    Using a paging system in and around your pool is superior to food runners or overhead speakers calling out names all day. Using a paging system will keep your environment peaceful for your members but will also give you the efficiency you are looking for.

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    Use Pagers To Upgrade Your Golf Starter!

    One of the hardest things about being a golf stater is locating the players on the property to notify them that it is their turn to play. Pager Genius pagers solve this problem and make your resort stand out.

    Here is how it works: your players pay for the round, receive a pager, and the golf starter will alert the pager when it is the player's turn to golf. The player can be up to one mile away and know it is their turn to tee off.

    Page Smart With Pager Genius!

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    Golf course using paging system to page golfers when it is time to tee off.
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