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    Wi-Fi Based Paging System

    Traditional pagers work on a radio frequency. Hello Bell works only on wi-fi.

    Unlimited Range

    Works wherever your wi-fi reaches. No matter how far that may be.

    Great for Restaurants, Hospitals, Dental Offices and More

    Works great for all sorts of restaurant and hospitality businesses.

    Increased worker productivity

    Whether it be in a restaurant, hospital or other business. Hello Bell helps increase worker productivity.

    Used By Big Names Like Levi's Stadium, Mariott and Ritz Carlton

    The Hello Bell Wi-fi-Based Paging System is used by well-known names including Levi's Stadium Mariott, Ritz-Carlton and more. Make it a part of your company or organization today.

    Smart Watch Call Button System

    Guests will be able to page their server when they need service. Being able to order on demand will increase sales for each table.

    HelloBell QR Code Cell Phone Ordering

    Guests can scan a QR code at the table, bring up your menu, and order items. The order will go directly to the server's watch.

    Communicate With Your Staff

    You will be able to send individual messages to staff or send a message to the entire team.

    In-House Analytics

    Managers will have access to the paging history of staff, response time, and overall efficiency of the entire team.

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