How to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Repeat business is one of the best ways to help your company grow. You want customers who will return for future needs, while also sharing their finds and experiences with their friends. Word of mouth is free and effective advertisement. But how do you manage that? How can technology help to keep your customers coming back?

It’s All About the Engagement

Your customers need to feel like they’re important to you and that means engagement. They need to feel like you value their time and money spent in your store or place of business; that they are all that matters to you every step of the way.

Technology is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your customers and make them feel wanted. With pagers, you make it easier for your customers to get in touch and stay up to date. They can get one of the waiting staff to see to them right away, without looking around for someone. When they need an update on timings for open bowling lanes or for golf club rental, a pager allows them to wander around but still remain up to date.

This level of engagement gives them the positive feeling of the business. They don’t have to sit around while they wait for their turn, so they feel like they’re having more fun throughout the experience.

Surprise them with Technology

Another way to keep your customers returning is through surprises. Make their first visit something they never expected. Pagers certainly do that. This sort of technology won’t be something your customers expect, especially out of a restaurant setting. They don’t expect to get a device that keeps them informed and makes it easier to get in touch with someone within the building.

This is a good surprise, as they now know they can enjoy their time on your premises more. They get the chance to explore, go to the bar, or even go to the arcade with their children. They’re not trying to keep their children sat down while they wait for a free bowling alley or a table because they need to keep an eye on reception or for their name to be called.

Make It Easy for Customers to Get in Touch

While after their experience, customers will want to get in touch, you also want to make it easier for them to get in touch during their visit. This is where the engagement comes into play and will help to keep them coming back. When there’s a problem, you want to make it easy to rectify it there and then.

If your customers are looking around for a member of staff due to the wrong dish served, an issue with the bowling alley, or a missing item, then they’re less likely to get in touch there and then. They won’t waste their time looking out for someone who has other tables to wait or other jobs to do. The minute they realize there’s nobody free, they decide not to say anything and take their complaints online. After all, they don’t feel valued.

When you use PagerGenius technology, you open the communication both ways. With a press of the button, a member of staff is alerted that a customer needs something. The customer doesn’t have to look around and hope they catch a staff member’s eye. They sit back and enjoy the rest of the meal or event until someone comes over to them.

This type of engagement helps to avoid issues afterwards. Your customers can go online to say how their complaints and issues were resolved while they were there. They know you care about them when there is an issue, so they return another time.

Engage Afterwards

The use of technology can also make it possible to get email addresses for future conversations. You can send vouchers and deals direct to your customers, opening the chance that they will return in the future. When people are given the choice, they’re more likely to keep that communication open, especially after a positive experience.

People aren’t likely to remember you right away. Assume that they’ll forget and keep the conversation open to show that they were a valued customer. This encourages them to return and makes them feel wanted.

Technology is your best friend when it comes to keeping customers coming back. You want to open the channels of communication and improve engagement with your customers, giving them the positive experience they need to want to return.

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