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How Far Can Restaurant Pagers Reach?

How Far Can Restaurant Pagers Reach?

When restaurant owners are shopping for restaurant pagers, one of the main questions they have is how far their customers will be able to go away and still receive their page.

This blog will cover how restaurant pagers operate, how pager signals are sent, and the overall range in this article. 

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1. What is the range of restaurant pagers?

Not all restaurant pager systems are created equal. Different paging equipment offers different paging distances, and several other factors determine a system's range.

While some cheaper model restaurant pager systems on Amazon may seem appealing with their hundred-yard range, it's important to note that they are engineered with the bare minimum, resulting in a product that may not meet your long-term needs.

Higher-quality restaurant pagers offer a better range out of the box. For example, Pager Genius pagers offer a one-mile transmission from the place of business. These higher-end paging systems ensure your customers know when you are paging them.

This blog will cover what makes restaurant pagers tick and what determines the overall range. By the end of this article, you will be an expert on how restaurant paging systems transmit their signal.

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2. How do restaurant pagers work?

All restaurant pagers have a transmitter that transmits a signal to the pager. These transmitters do not connect to the Internet or phone lines. Electricity from a standard power outlet is required for a transmitter to operate.

Each transmitter uses radio frequencies to transmit the signal to the pager it calls. For accuracy, each pager has a unique, complicated code pairing with its transmitter.

Pager Genius is the only restaurant paging company that offers a rechargeable wireless transmitter. This transmitter can operate away from power outlets in remote locations. For example, a hostess's desk outside a restaurant might not have access to power, making a wireless transmitter a perfect solution.

It is super easy to page a restaurant pager. To page a pager , type in the number you would like to page, followed by the call button. After you page the restaurant pager, the pager can light up, vibrate, or beep. The end user can change these settings. The simplicity of paging systems is why they are a favorite in the restaurant industry.

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3. How do paging system range extenders work?

Range extenders are a great way to extend the range of your restaurant pager system. Unfortunately, only a few companies that sell restaurant pagers offer range extenders. Range extenders will only work with restaurant pager systems brands. For example, a Pager Genius Range Extender would not work with Jtech Paging System.

Range extenders are plug-and-play equipment and easy to set up. You set up a range extender within the transmitter's range toward the area in which you would like to extend the range. The range extender will take in the transmitter's signal and repeat the call an additional mile from that point forward.

Businesses can use as many range extenders as needed to cover any desired area size. Range extenders can piggyback off each other, allowing your system to have an endless range. Larger-sized businesses with acreage and multi-story buildings are the types of properties that would need range extenders on the property. 

4. Can multiple restaurant pager systems operate in the same area without interference?

Yes, each transmitter has a unique coding signal for each restaurant pager. The same restaurant pager system can be operated under the same roof, within range of each other without interference.

Also, different restaurant paging systems can operate close by without interfering with each other. Large food halls, food trucks, and mall food courts are examples. For example, here at Pager Genius, we have eight different restaurants using eight different paging systems under the same roof. 

5. Will a Paging System Operate On a Multi-Story Building?

Some restaurant pager systems will work on multi-level buildings. It depends on the size of the floors and the material used to make the building. For example, a transmitter signal can go through a wood floor more than a solid steel floor.

Also, if the building has windows, the signal can go out a window on floor one and enter back in on another window on floor two. As long as you can get a signal to the floor above, you can use a range extender to increase the range on that floor to extend the signal outwards. 

6. Do Restaurant Pagers Alert Let The Guest Know They Are Out of Pager Range?

Some restaurant pager companies let guests know they are out of range. In the past, Pager Genus also offered this feature, but this caused a lot of confusion among customers.

Customers would walk outside the establishment with their restaurant pager, which would alert them. When they thought their table or food was ready, they would return the pager, but the staff never paged it.

This out-of-range feature would lead to more clarity for the customers and staff. Some companies still offer this feature, but we suggest avoiding it. Your staff can page the restaurant pager as often as they like until the customer returns. 

7. Can You Use Two or More Transmitters To Page The Same Group of Pagers?

Yes, with the Pager Genius System, you can use as many transmitters as you need to page the same restaurant pagers. Some restaurants have different pick-up spots, and they want to be able to page from various locations under the same roof.

Some other restaurants use two or more paging systems separate from one another under the same roof. For example, the same restaurant might want to use a restaurant pager system for people waiting for tables, and on the other side of the same restaurant, they might use another paging system for to-go orders. 

8. Can a Signal Travel Through a Restaurant Freezer?

Yes, a quality restaurant pager system can travel through a restaurant freezer. Some of the less expensive ones cannot. Also, the signal is not as accurate on the cheaper models you find on Amazon.

Also, the signal can go around the freezer. For example, if you have a window before the freezer and a window after, the signal can navigate through the windows. 

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