Restaurant Pagers vs Text Messaging

6 Reasons Restaurant Pagers Are Better Than Text Messaging

Restaurant Pagers vs Text Messaging

With the rise of new technology, many businesses, including the restaurant industry, have turned to modernising their services to increase efficiency and productivity. Consequently, cell phones began replacing restaurant pagers, coming in as the “more convenient option”. However, we all know that phones can be glitchy and unreliable at times, putting a frustrating halt to your workflow. When it comes to your restaurant, these kinds of errors are a big no! Luckily, there’s a very easy way to avoid this with the help of our Pager Genius!

Even though restaurant text paging systems have garnered a lot of attention recently, they have their faults, which can sometimes result in quite a big hit for your business. Still, restaurant owners continue using them, thinking that either there’s no better option or restaurant pagers are quite dated and don’t keep up with the current trends. Well, we’re here to tell you quite the opposite!

Our state-of-the-art Pager Genius, one of America’s top-rated paging system, will keep your entire staff coordinated and your clientele satisfied at all times. From the initial order to the delivery, your staff will be able to get a hold of any waiting customer with a press of a button, making your business run like a well-oiled machine! And this is only one part of it! In this blog, we’ll show you why you should consider restaurant pagers over text message systems.

1. Cell Phone Text Alerts Are Often Unnoticed

How many times have you missed a text on your phone in your pocket? Now imagine if that happens in your restaurant with a customer coming in to pick up their order while you have no clue about it. This will give you quite a bad reputation, leaving you with a profit loss.

No matter how much we pay for our fancy phones, we can collectively agree that the vibrating system sucks! Text notifications can often go unnoticed in loud environments, and they’re especially disregarded whenever the restaurant gets pretty busy. Also, your customers may mistake text alerts for notifications, which won’t make them check their phones.

This is where restaurant pagers are far more advantageous. For one, the Pager Genius does not only feature 19 LED light alerts but a vibrating system that can be felt from a mile away! As our wireless pagers are designed for the restaurant industry, they even have an optional loud audio button when the crowds become too much to bear.

The Pager Genius will especially help you on those extremely busy days. Think about it - if you have lines of people waiting for orders or to be seated, it usually leaves you and your staff in a state of panic. Once a table leaves and you’re unnotified about it, the more it stays vacant, the more money you lose. This is usually the case with restaurant text paging systems.

Similarly, this is also the case for fast-food joints when people are waiting for their pick-up order. You always want to deliver fresh and hot food for your customers, but when you don’t get notified promptly, this can usually cause delays, resulting in lackluster service. On the other hand, our paging system is much more efficient. Staff can call your customers by paging them and immediately notifying them. This way, you will always keep track of them and never lose any wandering customers who get lost in the waiting area.

picture showing zero monthly fees

2. Restaurant Pagers = Zero Fees

Compared to restaurant text paging systems, wireless pagers are a one-time purchase. In other words, you buy how many pagers you need depending on the size of your business, and you’re all set! You can also add pagers at any time to your current system as your business grows.

Alternatively, text services require monthly fees, which can sometimes fluctuate in price. The equipment is never your own, and you’ll always have an additional cost to cover. This is especially inconvenient whenever you move location as you have to rely on your provider’s team to set up the equipment all over again.

Fortunately, the Pager Genius doesn’t require setup at all - just plug it into a power outlet and it’s ready to go. What’s even better, it doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection, saving you more money in the long run. Talk about a cost-effective option!

3. Cell Phone Privacy Concerns

People are getting concerned about their privacy more than ever - for all the right reasons! With that in mind, some of them might not be really open to the idea of giving their private phone number to use your services. With all kinds of text phishing scams going on, people want to limit themselves from spam as much as possible, so they opt for services where their personal data will be entirely protected.

Additionally, we all know how annoying constant text newsletters can get. Yes, we all appreciate a sweet deal, but too many texts can actually make your customers look for other options, labeling you as pretty “spammy”.

One of the best things about restaurant pagers is that they don’t work outside your establishment. Pager Genius pagers do not connect to a phone line or the internet. All you need for the Pager Genius system to work is electricity.

4. Language Barriers

Not all of your customers will be English speakers. Eventually, some tourists may enter your establishment, and there will be a language barrier. With text messaging paging service, your employees must ask the customer for their cell phone number. The customer might need help understanding the question because they do not speak English. This situation causes confusion and delays in the ordering process. Imagine this is the busiest part of the day: you have a line of 20 people waiting, and your staff is trying to communicate with someone who does not speak English.

In contrast, Pager Genius restaurant pagers have a much friendlier user interface. All your employees have to do is pick up a pager, look at the pager's digital LED number, enter that number into the POS system or write it down, and hand the pager to the customer. The customer will understand that their order/table is ready when the pager alerts. This can be accomplished even if your staff and customers speak different languages. In other words, no matter which country your guests come from, they’ll have no trouble using the Pager Genius!

Most restaurants have a four-hour window to maximize profits—this is a busy time of day! The key to long-term success is giving your staff the correct tools to optimize customer flow and make as much money as possible in this busy window.

Image of low battery indicator

5. Battery Life

Imagine going to a restaurant that uses text paging services, and your cell phone battery dies while you are waiting for your food or table. The horror! Some busy restaurants can have a wait for more than an hour for the food to be prepared or for an available table to open up. In that time, a customer's cell phone can deplete the battery on their cell phone. This is also bad news for your business. The customer will bother staff asking for a power outlet to charge their cell phones. This will distract your staff from taking future orders in your busy window. With a text-based paging system, you are relying on your customers to have a charged cell phone; this is a significant flaw in that system.

Along with its simplistic design and ease of usability, we’ve also ensured our Pager Genius has a very long battery life. After it’s fully charged, which takes an hour, the restaurant pager can stay active for up to 36 hours. This means your customers and your team will have a non-stop, smooth-running communication system! We can also guarantee they will not die on you when you need them most. We all know technology can work against us in the times we need it most.

Picture of pager genius pager

6. Everybody Loves Restaurant Pagers!

Although we’ve gone through why restaurant pagers blow text paging systems out of the water, one bonus trait will surely come as a surprise!

While customers love pagers for their ease of use and convenience, children also have a special affinity for them! As previously mentioned, the Pager Genius features over 19 LED bright lights which can be quite entertaining to look at. Your kids will practically have a free light show whenever they want! With that in mind, if you’ve forgotten to bring something to keep your kids occupied while you’re dining out, restaurant pagers will surely come in handy.

Conversely, there’s nothing fun about receiving a text. All you get is a little ping and a message that just floats on your phone with no visually appealing attributes. Undoubtedly, your kids will find this incredibly dull.

As you can see, our Pager Genius restaurant pagers are incredibly easy to use and will improve your restaurant’s efficiency. Despite people believing pagers are outdated, the modernized versions will change the way you business works for the better.

As we’re committed to providing the best possible service for our customers, The Pager Genius can replace glitchy and unreliable restaurant text paging systems, helping your business thrive and reach new limits. We offer USA-based customer service, so if you face any issues—which is very unlikely to happen—we’ll be your pillar of support whenever you need it. Finally, if you’re unsatisfied with our services, we offer 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

Discover our restaurant pagers and let them help you revolutionize your business. In the meantime, check out the rest of our blogs.

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