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    Pager Genius – Endless Opportunities

    The Future of Paging is Here

    The Future of Paging is Here
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    24/7 support

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    Money back guarantee

    Welcome to Pager Genius

    Your source for the most powerful/reliable/effective paging system.

    We are a team of industry experts, designers and engineers based in Southern California, committed to providing our customers with the very best paging systems on the market. 

    new arrivals

    Customer Paging System

    Customer Paging System

    Options Available
    Customer to Server Paging System

    Customer to Server Paging System

    Options Available
    Server Paging System

    Server Paging System

    Options Available
    No Setup Required on our Pager Systems - Plug and Play


    Every Pager is Ready to Go Out of the Box


    No Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs


    Restaurant Paging System  


    Experience the #1 pager system in America and instantly see faster table turnover and improved customer experience. Choose from red, green or blue pagers to compliment your restaurant’s atmosphere. This standard package includes 10 pagers, a charger and transmitter. Charge for an hour and have up to 4 days of power. Be one of the thousands of restaurants across the country with an enjoyable seating experience provided by Pager Genius.

    Server Paging System

    Server paging system

    Eliminate customer neglect and frustration by giving guests the ability to easily and discreetly call their server without leaving their table. With the push of a button, a signal is sent to the server’s wristband, letting him or her know that their table needs a refill, a check or service. Reduce irritating hovering and never lose business from an abandoned customer again by giving your servers a simple way to remain available to each table throughout their visit.

    Range Extenders


    Cover as much area as you need with Pager Genius Range Extenders. Simply plug the extender into a power outlet within your existing range, and it will repeat the transmitter’s signal from its location. Our Range Extenders don’t require internet or phone line access, so you can place them virtually anywhere. Use as many as you need to repeat your transmitter’s signal across your entire property or even further!

    Charging Bases and Power Supplies

    Charging Bases and Power Supplies

    Keep charging docks at convenient pager-return locations to encourage regular charging of each pager. Pager power lasts up to four days after only an hour on the charging base and each base can support 15 pagers at once, so you never experience paging system downtime due to dead pagers. 



    Replace your current transmitter with the newest model, use multiple transmitters for one pager system, or install multiple pager systems, each with its own transmitter. Customize your paging system for optimized convenience, harmony and efficiency throughout your workplace. This transmitter is our newest model, version 3.0, and features improved accuracy and range. Simply enter the number of the pager or pagers you need, and they’ll be called right to you. 

    Some of Our Corporate Clients

    These big names trust Pager Genius to improve their guest experience and workplace efficiency.

    Chick Fil A
    CiCi's Pizza
    Frito Lay
    Dairy QueenKaiser Permanente
    Dave and BustersCintas
    Marriott HotelChurch on the Rock
    Hyatt HotelsGreat Wolf Lodge
    2 Year Accidental Warranty

    Best 2 Year Warranty

    We are the only paging company that pays shipping both ways in our warranty, so you’re not paying for a product you send back.

    Free Shipping Free Airmail on All Orders

    Super-Fast Free Airmail

    Paging systems ship on the same business day or the next and are received just a few days after ordering.

    No Sales Tax on Any Orders Outside of California

    NO TAX

    NO sales tax on any orders outside the state of California.

    No Setup Required - Pagers Come Ready to Use


    We program all the systems before they’re shipped. Just plug them in and the pagers are ready to use right out of the box.


    Pager Genius is based in Southern California. Our team of professionals has designed and engineered an affordable, high-quality instant paging system with various applications based on the demand of industries like yours. Our hope is to help you integrate those systems into your business for improved efficiency and guest experience. We provide everything you need for a fully-functional paging system, and all equipment comes ready to use.