Pager Genius W-Fi Paging System

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Product Benefits 
Wi-Fi Based Paging SystemIncreased customer satisfaction
Seamless Chain of ConnectivityAffordable monthly subscription
Easy to UseModern & Stylish Design
Increased ProductivityWater Resistant
Quicker response times

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Adding A Wi-Fi Watch Paging System Can Add Up To 20% Sales Increase!

America's first Wi-Fi paging system is here. Now, your customers can notify their server that they would like their bill or another drink.

One of the most significant lost revenue issues restaurants face is customers walking away from their tables because of a lack of service. The Hello Bell System will give your customers the ability to contact their server in real-time.

We have all been there before—wanting to order another drink but no server to order from. Instead, we ask the server for the bill because of the wait between visits. Our Hello Bell System solves this issue.


Our Wi-Fi-Based Pagers Also Communicate With The Kitchen & Management

The Hello Bell System connects the back to the front of the house. Your chefs will be able to notify the servers that the food is ready for pickup from the kitchen. Management can send custom messages to individual servers or your entire team.

Getting your employees on the same team and communicating is one of the most prominent challenges restaurants face. Hello Bell equipment uses technology for more cohesive customers and staff.

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Hotel Pool Cabana Wi-Fi Server Watch System

Our Hello Bell System is perfect for your pool cabana operation! Your customers will be able to communicate with a press of a button or via their phone using a QR code. Having this system on the property will increase sales from day one.

The back of the kitchen can also contact individual servers to let them know fresh food is ready for pickup. Management will also be able to send staff messages as well.

Pager Genius Hello Bell Product

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Try the Hello Bell Challenge! Outfit five tables in your restaurant with the Hello Bell products for thirty days. You will see the revenue spike on the five tables with our equipment.

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