Why Restaurant Pagers Are Worth The Investment

Pretty much everyone has visited an eating establishment with some sort of restaurant paging system.We’ve all entered a restaurant only to be given a small plastic coaster-like device that lights up when our table is ready.The purpose of these pagers is to help make the dining experience more pleasant and organized for customers and staff.They typically involve a transmitter set up in a main location that communicate wirelessly with a number of individual pagers.Take a look at some of the reasons a restaurant paging system can benefit your restaurant and why they are worth the investment.


Increased Communication Between Staff and Customers

We’ve all been in a situation where we were waiting for a table and a staff member would shout out the name of whoever’s table was ready. By simply giving guests pagers to hold onto this issue can be eliminated entirely. Guests can have the ability to go outside with their party and comfortably wait until their table is available. No need to remain within earshot of one of the restaurant staff members.


Increased Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a need for social distancing among people, if only temporary. Having a restaurant paging system can help facilitate social distancing during this pandemic and any future ones that may arise.


Increased Communication Between Kitchen Staff and Servers

In some instances pagers can be used by kitchen staffs (cooks, chefs, etc..) to alert servers when table orders are ready. This allows for food to be delivered quicker to customers and at the right temperature.


Having an effective restaurant paging system is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your restaurant’s efficiency. When customers are happier they tend to come back for more. Go ahead and take a look at Pager Genius’s pagers to see how they can help your restaurant, church, retail store or other business you may have.




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