Different Ways Healthcare Providers Can Use Pagers During Day to Day Business

When the average person thinks of a pager it’s typically with reference to restaurants. Although pagers definitely are often used in restaurants this is far from the only place that they are used.

Let’s take a look at a handful of reasons how healthcare providers can use restaurant-style pagers in their day to day business activities.


1. In a Doctor’s Office or Hospital Waiting Room

Much like restaurants, hospitals and doctors’ offices have waiting rooms. Pagers can easily be given to patients so that they are notified of when a doctor or nurse may need them. This can make it easier and quicker for staff to assist patients.


2. In a Pharmacy

Similar to doctor’s offices and hospital waiting rooms, pharmacies also require people to wait. In the United States, most pharmacies are located within grocery stores allowing people to get prescriptions filled while they shop for food.

This setup is perfect for using pagers because you can give people a pager when they drop off their prescriptions and then page them when they are filled.

This can help alleviate any confusion or frustration of people checking back in with the pharmacy for their prescriptions when they haven’t been filled yet.


3.  While Waiting for Lab Results

Some lab results take days or longer to receive. However, some can be received much quicker than that (within minutes or hours.) In those situations pagers can be an excellent device to notify patients of when their lab results are ready. Pagers can simply be given to those waiting for their results.


The number of ways pagers can used in the healthcare industry is endless. They are a fantastic tool that can improve patient satisfaction, improve efficiency among staff and help patients receive the help they need quicker. If you’re interested in a set of pagers for your healthcare company, visit our pagers page.

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