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Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! At Pager Genius, our customers are our number one priority, and we make sure that the information used to place your order is safe and secure.

All in stock items ship same business day if ordered by 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All other orders and orders placed over the weekend will ship the following business day. We ship all of our orders using air mail shipping. Our typical order is received in just a few days after it is placed. Our main warehouse is located in Southern California. All the pagers will be set-up and ready to use as soon as you receive them.

Yes we do offer overnight shipping to our customers for a additional fee. To get a shipping quote on overnight shipping give us a phone call at 1-800-289-3823 or email info@pagergenius.com.

Your paging system will be set-up and ready to use as soon as you receive it from us. Ready to use as soon as you open up the shipping box!

Sales tax only applies to orders shipped inside the State of California. Any orders shipped outside California is tax free!

Yes we do rent our pagers out for special events. Please call us directly to get a quote or email info@pagergenius.com

There are two different frequencies you can use they are 433.92 MHZ or 315 MHZ. These frequencies will not interfere with any existing equipment you currently operate.

There is a two year warranty on all equipment, and all orders come with risk free 100% 30 day money back guarantee with no restocking fee. We want you to make sure that it is the perfect fit for your business.

Yes everything is included including pagers, charging bases, and power power supply.

You will need one for the transmitter and one for each charging base. One charging base can charge 15 pagers.

That is not a problem the pagers can be set to light up and vibrate, or they can light up, vibrate, and beep it is up to you. We will set them up the way you would like them before we ship them out.

No we take the time to fully charge the pagers before we ship them out, so the paging system will be ready to use right away when you receive it

Yes you can have all the pagers go off at the same time when you page one number.

It depends on how many you order, the more you order the more you save. There is a additional pager link in our online store with all the details

Yes our transmitter is capable of handling up to 999 pagers, so you can add a very large amount pagers to our transmitter.

The line of sight range is 1/2 mile, but every environment is different. It depends how many walls are in between you and the person you are trying to page. We offer the best range in the industry, so we are sure it will work in your environment. We have a risk free 100% 30 day money back guarantee with no restocking fee. We want you to make sure that it is the perfect fit for your business.

Yes you can stop the page by using the transmitter or by placing the pager back on the charger stack

This paging system is really easy to use and it is easy train employees to use as well. You give your customer pager number #1, and when you are ready to contact the customer all you would do is press the number #1 and enter on the transmitter to complete the page.

Yes we offer signal repeaters for $99.95, this will more than double the current range of 1/2 mile. You can have as many signal repeaters as necessary to cover very large areas. Some Pager Genius systems are being used to cover over five square miles!

Yes you can use as many transmitters as you like to page the same set of pagers. This is a special order however, please call us directly, or email us at info@pagergenius.com for more information.

Yes you can use two, three, or even four paging systems in the same environment. They will not interfere with each other.


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