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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius

    Pager Genius provides a full 360 degree experience for your customers and staff to take your business to the next level.

    The Pager Genius System Works Great In Casinos Creating a Better Customer Experience 

    The Pager Genius System can help your casinos provide a better customer experience in your casino. Our systems will work great in your restaurants, poker rooms, and to-go fast-casual restaurants.

    During busy hours your popular restaurants and food buffets have a considerable waiting list for a table. These long waits lead to a bad customer experience, making the hostess job almost impossible to accomplish. With the Pager Genius System in place, your guests can roam the casino floor and know when it is their time to dine. Customers will feel more at ease with the pager in hand, and your staff will be able to accommodate the customers at a faster pace.

    Many poker rooms at casinos use the Pager Genius System to call their clients to a table when a spot opens up. Using our system stops the overhead paging method and improves the customer experience. Many players cannot hear their names due to loud music and slot machines on the casino floor. With a Pager Genius pager in hand, your poker player can roam the casino floor and know when it is their turn for a royal flush.

    Many casinos offer to-go fast-casual restaurants and poolside food service. Your staff yell out names and order numbers all day long, trying to let your customers know their food is ready. Stop the madness! Issue your customers pagers when they pay for their order. Your staff can page a pager and start getting the next order ready instead of yelling out names over and over again. Page Smart With Pager Genius!

    • Works great in casino restaurants, poker rooms, and poolside service 
    • Eliminates overhead paging
    • Staff is able to be more efficient 
    • Facilitates a professional atmosphere
    • Faster service impresses guests
    • Customers are able to gamble while table or food is getting prepared
    Page Genius Pagers System - Hassle Free Setup on All Pagers
    Paging Industry's Best 2 Year Accidental Warranty


    One Year Full Warranty On All Equipment

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    Pager Genius based in Southern California, our team of professionals has designed and engineered an affordable, high-quality instant paging system with various applications based on the demand of industries like yours. We want to help you integrate our paging systems into your business for improved efficiency and guest experience. We provide the equipment you need to help your business get to the next level.