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    Paging Simplified - Helping Businesses Everyday - Page Smart with Pager Genius

    Pager Genius provides a full 360 degree experience for your customers and staff to take your business to the next level.

    Pager Genius Creates an Unforgettable Experience

    It can be difficult to track down a customer in a bowling alley when a lane becomes available for them. Overhead paging is noisy, bothersome and isn’t always effective.

    With the Pager Genius Customer Paging System, you can simply give your customer a pager and call them to you when their lane is ready, no matter where they’ve gone on the property.

    If your patrons prefer waiting outside or in their car, the Pager Genius System will still reach them. Let your customers enjoy their wait time, talk on the phone, go to the restroom or catch up with friends without missing their lane.

    Our pagers use visual and auditory cues, as well as vibration to get your customers’ attention, so the risk of a patron missing out on their turn is greatly reduced, and you end up with a drastic reduction in angry customers and walk-outs.

    Anyone on your staff can operate the Pager Genius System, even without training. Simply enter the number of the pager or pagers you need to call and Voila! The customer comes to you.

    We’re so confident that this paging system will improve your guest experience, staff coordination and bottom line, we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on top of our standard one-year warranty.

    Benefits of the Pager Genius System

    • No noisy intercoms
    • Eliminates walk-outs and comps
    • Facilitates a professional atmosphere
    • Faster service impresses guests
    • Reduced labor cost
    Page Genius Pagers System - Hassle Free Setup on All Pagers
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    One Year Full Warranty On All Equipment

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    Pager Genius based in Southern California, our team of professionals has designed and engineered an affordable, high-quality instant paging system with various applications based on the demand of industries like yours. We want to help you integrate our paging systems into your business for improved efficiency and guest experience. We provide the equipment you need to help your business get to the next level.