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NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS The Pager Genius System is used in churches to page parents who have left their child in the nursery. Benefits of the Pager Genius System: Eliminates staff from getting the parent durng service Discreetly page parents, pagers will be set-up to vibrate and light-up only, this way it will not disrupt service Maintains a quiet and pleasant atmosphere Staff can focus on the children while they wait for the parents to arrive The Pager Genius System is ready to use out of the shipping box The Pager Genius System does not connect to the internet or phone lines Zero monthly fees Press the number of the pager you want to page, followed by the enter button, it is really that easy to use! pager genius - paging system Why Choose Pager Genius ? BEST WARRANTY 2 YEAR WARRANTY We are the only paging company that covers accidental damage in our warranty. NO SALES TAX NO TAX NO sales tax on all your orders outside the state of California. FAST FREE SHIPPING SUPER FAST FREE AIRMAIL Pages ship same business day or next and are received in just a few days from ordering. NO SET-UP NEEDED HASSEL FREE SET-UP We program all the pagers, so all the hard work is done. Ready to use right out of the box, just plug them into power, and the pagers are ready to use right away.
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